Tight Spaces

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend because you want to know what I did? I had to crawl down into a seven foot deep hole and scoop out two feet of mud.

As I lowered myself down into the hole, I thought about several things.

A. Thank God I’ve been doing pilates.

B. I’m not claustrophobic, I’m not claustrophobic, I’m not claustrophobic.

(Kate Larrabee-stop panicking)

C. I need to shower as soon as I get out of this crazy death trap.
D. Spiders and snakes don’t live down here… they’re claustrophobic, right?!
E. Maybe this is like a mud bath, maybe I’ll have better skin after this.
F. I hate being the smallest person on work days at the farm.

I wish I could say that I haven’t been forced into tight spaces before. For instance, until I was 16 years old, my four male cousins and brothers and I lived on the same street. We would play street hockey every night…. It was cool ok!?

And inevitably, the street hockey ball would go down into the side sewer. It got quiet, and then all of these sweet males in my life looked at me and sprinted towards me. They all grabbed at my ankles and lowered me down into the sewer as they yelled, “RATS ARE LIKE BUNNIES! YOU LIKE BUNNIES! NOW GET THE BALL.”

Well let me tell you, THEY ARE NOT LIKE BUNNIES. And now, by association, I hate bunnies.

Ok fine, I don’t. Those little twitching noses get me every time.

Well, on Saturday we were about to flood the pond but realized there was too much mud in the death hole for the water to come through. (Yes, I’m sure it has a real name, but it will always be known as death hole to me). So, the hubby and Daddy looked at me and grabbed my ankles… I kid. But they did look at me with this evil grin and said, “We’re too big, you’ll fit though.”

As I was scooping mud while not being able to fully bend over or turn around, I realized that I could talk myself into calmness and just finish the task. If I could make jokes about my butt getting stuck or the mud in my hair being new highlights, then I could make this little torture chamber fun.

When you’re in a tight space in life, you have the power to speak peace over the situation. You can take your thoughts captive. You have the ability to bring humor into the situation. And most importantly…thank God you have been doing pilates.

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  • KL

    Thanks for the shout out, as I was looking at the first picture I said out loud "O hell to the no." haha You know me all too well!

  • Laura

    That looks like my worst nightmare.