Funny Face

My friend Ash Hill told me that I didn’t take a normal picture. I lost the argument, here’s the evidence. To whom it may concern: I’m sorry if I’ve broken your camera.

My older brother is the sane one.

I dance better with my mouth wide open. Something about the aero..errrr…dynamics

My sweet friend Neely- why she puts up with me I’ll never know

This one seems normal to me, is that weird?

I think this was my response when Grace told me that coffee had stunted my growth.

Have a great weekend everyone, don’t take yourself too seriously and make some funny faces!
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  • KL

    But I like the big mast head picture! Well, and the rest too because they are funny and I like to smile. You da bomb

  • ashley

    well, at least your main picture on the blog is pretty normal, if not good looking picture, of yourself. :o)

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