Something is missing…

*Warning: not a male-friendly blog post*

I may or may not have reached a new level of scatter-brain on Tuesday. I had a lot on my mind and despite getting up early, having my coffee and some QT on the porch, getting dressed with plenty of time to spare… I forgot something.

I was walking across the parking lot to work and something felt different…off…. nonexistent. MY BRA! I FORGOT TO PUT MY BRA ON! MOTHER OF PEARL I FORGOT TO PUT MY BRA ON!

I was already late to work and had to leave right at 4 for a doctor’s appt so I knew I couldn’t run home and get it. I began thinking of all the ways I could construct a bra in the office: paperclips, duct tape, printer tape, you name it, I was trying to build-a-bra. (Parents-this is NOT the same fun game as build-a-bear)

So I walked around the office the rest of the day like an embarrassed 13-year old with her arms crossed across her chest. I was certain that no one would notice. Afterall, I’m not that well endowed. Well at around 1:30 I was taking the trash out and a dear coworker of mine decided to spark up a lovely conversation. Of course I was trying to maneuver the trash bag to hide my flippy-floppies while this coworker who will remain nameless (starts with an M and ends in -ary) says in front of a group of fellow workers, “Your boobs look saggy today.”

True Story. The end.

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  • KL

    Nothing like a good little chuckle in the morning:) You are a posting machine these days. I like it!

  • Jude

    peeing my pants…
    for the record, coffee filters are the office supply you need in this situation 😉

  • sarah

    first of all… i just typed this long comment and it got deleted while i attempted to remember my wordpress login….

    it said:

    i would have called in sick. then again, i don't often forget a bra. especially after the two lid kids. oh yeah. and i don't work. 🙂

    when i was in college, we had a hoops game 6 hours away. i forgot a sport bra. my coach (male) said, "can't you just tape 'em up?"… anyhooo, the boys team went out to eat while we warmed up (me-in a regular bra – ouch). then they stopped at walmart with instructions to get me a bra. awkward.

  • Anonymous

    I don't need to wear a bra…gold stars baby gold stars.

  • Andrea

    Lady you are THE winner of winners. I heart you.

  • Pam Shaffer

    I forgot to put on a bra once…in 10th grade. I called my mom, who (bless her sweet soul) brought me one in a lunch bag. As if high school wasn't torture enough.

    Sorry you had to endure a "saggy boobs" comment.

  • The Wall Family

    Amazing! I've done this sadly too-not fun when you work with children. I now keep an extra layer in my office at all times.