35 and 36 Week Combined!

It’s been a whirlwind the past 2 weeks but a good one. I’ve decided to combine the 35 and 36 week post mainly because both have come and are almost gone! It’s hard to believe I’ll be full term on Thursday!

Weeks preggo: 35 and 36

Weight Gain: 17 and 18

Cravings: anything cold, loving my lime Dole fruit bars and grapefruit

Exciting things: My mom has been here and my brother just got here last night!!! He worked so hard painting the glider for the nursery because apparently it was a terrible idea for me to try and do it… despite wearing 3 masks. After 15 minutes of spray painting outside, I ran for cover and yelled “I QUIT! My baby is going to grow a tail if I’m around this any more!”

It’s definitely becoming real that this babes is coming soon. I can’t truly go there in my head yet until the hubbs gets here but it’s definitely becoming more real! Here is a collage of pictures from the past 2 weeks!



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  • SO beautiful. You are almost there! I can’t wait to see it all happen. I also can’t wait to see your house pics! So excited for all the good things.