Epiphanies and Smores

This past weekend we went to the mountains for some hiking, fishing, sleeping, and oh yeah… smores, lots of smores. The weather was gorgeous and I felt like Fall was just tapping me on my shoulder the whole time. It was 65 degrees and everywhere I looked I was reminded of how beautiful our world can be.

On Sunday I got up before everyone and meandered around the house cleaning dishes and wiping everything down. I finished cleaning and no one stirring so I looked down at the dog and decided that he and I were going to go for a hike. I grabbed my two essentials; my phone and my coffee. I grabbed my phone in case I ran into Smokey the Bear on the trail and needed to send a picture message to the hubby so he’d believe that I could indeed outrun a bear. I grabbed my thermos of coffee because… well, Smokey would run away from me if he had to deal with me without my coffee.

We walked up to the top of the mountain just enjoying the scenery along the way. When we reached the top there was a bench overlooking the breathtaking horizon with too many mountains to count. I sat down and just soaked it all in. It was a bit cloudy out but I noticed there was a small patch of sun on one of the mountains. The entire mountain range was dark except this one bright spot of sun. I stared at that bright spot and thanked the Lord that even though our life can be full of darkness, He still can give us a bit of hope, a little bit of light to keep us going.

I sat and watched my dog run strategically through the grass making sure to spook up any birds along the way. It was one of those moments in life that made me realize how blessed I am. All of the darker things that were on my mind when I began my hike were replaced with the lighter things. I was grateful for so much. I was on top of a mountain, I had a healthy body to get me up to the top, and I had a belly full of smores from the night before… ok fine, I may have had one for breakfast as well. I looked out at the mountain range again and noticed that the light spot had taken over the entire mountain. There was no more darkness. I chuckled to myself because I felt like God and I just shared an inside joke.

So I hiked back down and rewarded myself with another smore.

Excuse the camera work, all I had was my camera phone!

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