I laugh in the face of rain!

I’m still having an amazing time with my mom here. We’ve been slaving away around the house and shopping like mad women. She is seriously a house genius. I’ll post pictures when it’s all done because the woman is incredible. She has made this house gorgeous and thought of things that I would have never thought to change!

Anyways, Roy and I had a glimmer of sunshine yesterday (still 50 degree weather) so I took him for a walk on a trail near the house. It started out nice and sunny.

Excuse the camera phone shots...

The trail goes along the Puget Sound and it was gorgeous. Then half way through the walk, it started pouring down rain out of nowhere. And by “out of nowhere” I mean, this happens everyday. So I decided to keep walking and just laugh in the face of rain. Because after all… isn’t that what life is all about?! Laughing in the face of rain and happy hour at Sonic.

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