Bummer and Mama

Happy Tuesday folks. I have had an interesting morning of a high and a low. I’ll start with the low first so I can end on the good note.

When I went to my doctor’s appointment yesterday, I was supposed to get checked out and then transferred to midwifery care. Well, turns out, this is my lesson 1 of 100 that things don’t always go as planned. Luckily, the OB was sweet and understood my birth plan and told me everything looked great with the baby. When I went to the midwife desk, the lady with a stone-cold face told me that they were not taking any more clients. Period.

I began loading my bow with twizzlers that I had constructed into arrows and let out my best tribal cry… but I decided being arrested by the MP wasn’t on my list of things to do that day.

Then I tried to explain how important my birth plan was, how specific it was and I felt that midwives were my best option and such a strong desire of mine.

“Ma`am, I was serious. We are not taking any more mothers for June, we have a waitlist.”

“Oh alright. I WILL SHOW YOU A MOTHER!! MOTHER #$%#%^%^&!”

Just kidding… I didn’t do that, please call off the guards and the holy water.

So, I’m breathing. I said some prayers and know that things don’t go as planned, especially with birth. I’ll just have to be more vocal with my birth plan (totally easy during contractions), have Sam be more of an advocate, and have my doula really speak up about my desires.

Any other mamas who had a natural birth in a hospital and have good tips? I’m typing my birth plan on one sheet to give the staff and bringing a doula.

GOOD NEWS! My mom is here for the week!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!! She is interior decorator extraordinaire, supportive and encouraging woman of the year, and so fun. So we’re having a ball just exploring and working on the house and laughing about what her labors were like. She’s already given me great breastfeeding tips and so much encouragement about parenting.

So my posts will be scattered this week because I’ll be soaking up all my time with mama!

Mom and I at the beach... how cute!



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  • meredith mcdaniel

    all you need is Jesus. midwife or not, you will have just the birth the Lord has for you. i delivered in a hospital & am doing it again… knowing that they have to listen to me by law 🙂 the mama is in charge. and thats that! your doula & sam will be huge blessings!!

    • thanks mere! i needed to be reminded of that! forgot the important thing is that the Lord will bring this boy in the world how He wants! hope you’re feeling well!

  • so sorry about the midwife… but it WILL be ok! I had 2/3 with a doctor, and still went w/o epidural. The doctor is really not even in there much, coming in to check, and eventually catch the babe. 🙂
    Call me if you want, I said “No” to alot of dr suggestions. Truth is, they can’t “make” you do much of anything 😉
    Is there any way to request a female doc?

    • kristin Boone

      I ditto what Jude said – and I had four natural childbirths in hospitals…one was even an army hospital!!!

    • i get who ever is on call :/ but i am definitely at peace about it now. if only you were there to make me laugh with inappropriate jokes!

  • sandy

    You know of course…since I am soooo old I had natural childbirth and Meredith is right; mama is in charge!
    I didn’t plan as well as you have but everything was in God’s hands and I had my beautiful children! I love the pic of you and mom! SWEET!!