Total Rookie

I’m trying out a new button for the blog! So much to learn… I’m a total rookie people!

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  • sandy

    is their a site to learn “how to” on this blog thing?

    • I’ll message you some websites:)

      • sandy

        Thank you ! HaVe I told you I miss you lately? LOL

  • sandy

    “there ” i mean

  • I love this one! Gotta see that hottie face

  • me me me!!! I too need help with how to blog!!! LOL And martha I think the one with the guitar because its more mysterious. but both are good options!

  • Kate

    If you are going for the pregnancy theme, then I say pick this one. I love the guitar pic, but the your belly is so tiny in it (because, well, you are being graced with a tiny preggo body, lucky duck). Both are cute though! Hope everything at the hospital goes great today!

  • sandy

    I love the one with the guitar!