I thought I was done with the whole “dating” thing…

I’ve learned a lot in these past few weeks moving to a new place on my own. I’ve learned I can do a lot of things that I didn’t think I could (i.e. actually organize everything, eat an entire bag of Twizzlers without getting sick, and entertain myself for weeks at a time). But one thing I’m still getting used to is DATING. Don’t panic, my heart still belongs to my husband, ┬áthe man of my dreams. But when I’m out trying to meet friends, I feel like I’m dating again.

Let me explain.

I no longer go anywhere without my eyes peeled for young women who look like someone I could get along with. With this new habit of staring, I feel the need to use my left hand demonstratively in order to relieve them of any fear I may be barking up the wrong tree if you know what I’m sayin’.

I was at the dog park the other day and saw a cute girl that looked my age. I decided to suck it up and go talk to her. I forgot how awkward small talk can be with a stranger.

“Oh I see you have a Brittany Spaniel. My parents have one. I like your hair. Will you be my friend?”

I clearly am rusty at this because while all of those statements weren’t strung together… they were definitely all said at some point in the conversation. Somehow, she wasn’t freaked out and we even talked for awhile, exchanged numbers, and met for frozen yogurt later… best first friend date EVER! I went to church with her and her husband last Sunday and we’ve texted a few times since then.


I had my first shut down yesterday. I was walking the trails at the park and passed a young couple and the girl looked like she was due at the same time as me. So, I passed them a few times as we were both making laps (all the while in my head having full conversations with her…totally normal right?).

I passed her for a third time and decided to say something. *Brace yourself… this isn’t pretty.

Me: “Oh hi! When are you due?”

Scared Preggo Stranger: “June 26.”

Me: “No way! I’m due June 24. I thought you looked like we were due around the same time.”

SPS: “Mmhmmm.”

Me: “Have you been feeling good? You look great!”

SPS: “Yep.”

Me: “So crazy we have almost the same due date. I feel like we should belly bump or something.”

SPS: “Um…”

Me: “No? Too soon? Ok then, good luck with everything. I should find my dog… and my dignity. Both must be around here somewhere.”

So in conclusion, I’m 50/50 at this point for making new friends but I have developed a new sympathy for my male single friends who have to go through this all the time when they ask girls on dates. I’m hoping to improve my percentage but if I don’t, you’ll find me still looking for my dignity… it must be around here somewhere!

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  • Kate

    Wait, what?? Best first friend date ever? What about our romantic trip to the meat shop? You’re getting soft on me with all this frozen yo talk Metzler! But seriously, glad you are metting new friends. Love ya and call you this afternoon!!

    • You’re hilarious, nothing will top our meat shop date! Hope you had fun in Asheville, I didn’t want to bother you but I’ll call you back later!