34 Weeks

It’s that time again!

Time I’ve been gestating: 34 weeks

Weight Gain: 15 pounds… probably from the box of Skinny Cow drumsticks I went through this weekend

Memorable Moments: I met with our doula on Thursday night and went over our birth plan. She was so supportive… more on that later. I have my first appointment at the hospital tomorrow so I can’t wait to get checked out since it’s been awhile (because of the move) and to meet the midwives. I have been slowly but surely getting settled in the new house. I’ve finished the master and guest bedrooms and baths. Of course I’m not bothering hanging anything on the walls until my mom gets here on the 23rd because lets be honest; 1. she’s better at it and 2. she’ll change it all (for the better I may add). Roy and I have had a few sunny days here in Washington so far so we’ve escaped to go for some trail walks which has been lovely. We’re definitely ready for hubbs to come home though… it’s almost one month away until I pick him up from the airport… hopefully still pregnant!

Preggo Thoughts: Our boy is almost 5 pounds and still moving around. I’m trying to hydrate as much as possible and eat well because I could tell the first week I was here I wasn’t taking care of myself the way I should have been. My feet and back have gotten a bit sore by the end of the day from unpacking/aka lots of bending and squatting so I’m thinking about spoiling myself to a prenatal massage in a week or two.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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  • take it easy on the unpacking little mama 😉 praying for you! miss you!