Doula Appointment & Many Thanks

First of all, I’m completely humbled by all the calls, texts, and emails that I got from yall last night and this morning. They really blessed me and encouraged me and thanks for letting me be honest. I don’t just want yall to see the “highlight reel” on here, I want to be honest with you! Thanks for not letting me feel alone in this, I seriously can’t thank you enough. The sun is out today and things are looking good! Roy and I are going to get out and explore and GUESS WHAT?!?!? I pick my hubbs up from the airport ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!!! Hollerrrrrr!!!

Can't wait to see more "I married a crazy woman" looks from you in one month!

In other news:

I had my first appointment with our doula on Thursday night! It was great and we talked about my ideal birth plan. She was incredibly supportive and I felt empowered by the research and knowledge I had acquired over the past several months. There are things I’m certain of for my birth plan like not having the hospital staff offer drugs to me unless I bring it up, I’ll have a “code word” for an epidural so my doula and Sam know I’m serious, I’d like to use midwifery care, delayed cord clamping, and I’d like to nurse immediately. I’ll post more on some research I’ve done in case you’re interested but I was so encouraged by my meeting with my doula, Sarah.

It’s starting to become more and more real that our wild man will be joining us in (hopefully) 5+ weeks! Bring it on!


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