Chime in!

My hysterical and wise friend Jude chimed in with her confidence boost on my post on insecurity. I’d love to hear the rest of yalls if you’ve got them! We could all use a little ‘pick me up’ and encouragement! Lets hear it!

(my insecurity is telling me no one will reply and leave me hanging as if I was trying to give a high-five to the cool kid in school.)
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  • KL

    I would totally pick you first for dodgeball!

    But on to comment on your post… Sometimes, in a roundabout way, I think my insecurities make me appreciate what I have more. If I didn't wonder if i deserved my happiness, I would probably take it for granted and not work as hard for it. Plus, since I dont want Kev to leave for me Angelina (or Cullen for that matter..apparently she is a stellar mom too), I work hard to keep my home happy and healthy so they will want to stay. Those little insecurities can allow me to want to be a better person, friend, wife, mother and teacher. Just as long as they dont take complete control of my heart and make me act like a crazy person, then we'd have a problem 🙂