What if…

Take a minute today to think about what your relationships would look like if you stopped forcing your way onto them. What would they look like if you stopped expecting your version of what’s “right” from them. What if you let them be who they are?

More on this tomorrow but I wanted you to marinate on it for yourselves. I just like messing with your days a bit. *enter evil laugh here*

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  • kevin

    So what are saying, Im being too forceful and creepily interested in being friends with you and Sam? Or is it the other side in that we didn't try at all to be friends and now here you are, one of my best? 🙂

  • Martha B. Metzler

    haha I feel like this is definitely Kate on Kev's account 🙂

    BUT I hope you don't ever think you could get rid of us:) We love yall too much!