A New Adventure!

Hey sweet friends! I wanted to let you in on a new adventure I’m going on with two amazing friends of mine. Ginna, Kate, and I are going on a journey together and would love for you to be included. While I am definitely the rookie of the group, I’m so honored they would include me. We immediately experienced a deep bond that is incomparable. I remember gmail video chatting with Ginna about my million questions when Sam was accepted into the Army JAG Corp. Kate still remembers this crazy redhead (yours truly) that interrupted her conversation when I saw she was wearing her hubby’s West Point sweatshirt, and I haven’t left her alone since. But below explains this new adventure, please let me know if you would like to be included.

Dear Friends,

We have an idea- and we need your help!

Recently, as my husband and I entered the crossroads of deciding whether or not he should stay in the Army now that his obligations are coming to an end, I have been surprised by the number of people that ask the question “Well you want him to get out right??” I suppose I should be more clear by saying it is not the question itself, but the presumptive tone in which it is constantly delivered. And even though we have to worry about deployments and uncertainties, it bothers me that people assume our life in the Army is all bad. Consequently, several emails about this topic to my good friends and fellow Army Wives, Ginna and Martha, led to this idea:

We want to compile a collection of essays about being an Army Wife and hopefully create a book about our experiences. Right now, we are simply asking if you are interested in contributing. We would accept traditional essays, poems, letters or anything you feel shares your experience or a specific moment of your life as an Army Wife. We are also hoping for a chapter on “Homecoming” which would only be pictures of that event, because as we all know, words cannot do that moment justice! So if writing is not your thing, perhaps that is a way you could contribute. Even if you choose to share of the frustrations or sadness, the overall tone of the book is to be positive (think a type of Chicken Noodle Soup for the Army Wife’s Soul if you will…).

So what to do now?

If you are interested, please email us back. At that point, we will send out a more specific letter about the process and the parameters for submissions. Also, please forward this to anyone you think might be interested. Submissions can come from anyone who was an Army Wife (or a wife in the Army!) at any time, it is not limited to active duty.

We sincerely hope you are inspired by this idea and want to share your story. As women in all different stages in our lives as Army Wives, we feel incredibly connected to each other through that experience. And we have realized it is not only important to be there for one another, but to show the world that the life of an Army Wife is full of love, pride, community and service.

We can be contacted at armywivesbook@gmail.com and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kate Larrabee, Ginna Van Zandt and Martha Metzler

I hope that if you know anyone that falls in the catagory of an ‘Army Wife’, you will pass this along to them. Or just leave a comment to let you know that as a civilian, you would be interested in what we have to share! Thanks for your support!

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  • amy free

    Katie Chesney just sent this to me since I'm an Air Force wife now and I can't wait to send this to several good friends who are Army wives here in Fayetteville!!!! Awesome.

  • Army

    Thanks Amy!! Tell them to email armywivesbook@gmail.com or me if they're interested!