Flashback Friday

I’m a bit nostalgic today as I packed up the rest of my stuff to have shipped out to Washington. I realized that this is my last few days in the state that I have lived in since I was born. I’m breaking a 28 year streak and moving across the country! It made me so thankful for the memories that I’ve had here. Here are some good old flashback photos:

Mojito night with Andrea- circa 2008?

Graduation present from Dad- 2005

My Raleigh brothers- circa 2007

OH SNAP we're engaged! Circa 2005

College roomies and beaus- circa 2006

Family halloween- circa 1985?

I graduated! Circa 2005

Parker-Metzler Fishing Extravaganza- Circa 2009?

Start `em young!

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  • Dude I love that pic! I even kinda like my orange spray tan…and I think I would give my right arm for a mojito right now!