I’ve been experiencing a season in my life which I’m not particularly fond of. It’s the “I wake up each day with the realization that there’s something I need to change about myself” kind of season. If you have any self-awareness, you probably have experienced that nagging feeling that there’s something in your life or a behavior that you need to change. Well everyday these things I need to change are coming at me as if I was in a bubblegum fight with Willy Wonka (which would be awesome). Pride, jealously, laziness, you name it…. giant bubblegum balls being thrown at my head. I’m a big believer that if I “start on Monday” then I’ll never really start. Change can’t wait. So I’ve been actively trying to seek redemption and repentance in my life. If I keep putting off making positive change in my life, I’m telling myself and my Creator that my life isn’t worth fighting for. Pretty insulting to the One who gave it all to fight for my life to begin with huh?

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