31 Weeks… totally late!

Here is the really late 31 Weeks update:

How far along: 31 weeks

Weight Gain: 12 pounds

Cravings: any kind of cold fruit or SORBET OH THE SORBET, mustard on any kind of burger or sandwich, lots of water

Aversions: rich foods

Energy: still pretty good but I’m having to make myself go for walks, I can definitely tell Daughtry (like how I just slipped that in?) has gone through a growth spurt because I’m feeling large and in charge.

Fun Events: a fun week with the hubbs and fun visits with friends. Breakfast of Course with Anna and Screaming Rooster with Poodle… life has been good so far! We had our last appointment with our doctor here and he said everything looked great and I’m ok to fly next Wednesday. Daughtry’s heartbeat is still going strong at 140.

Gotta love catching a glipse of yourself in a reflection... I thought I'd capture it this week


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  • Kelli

    I am so in love with your seersucker skirt! So adorable! Mini Sammy is going to be such a little prepster! Miss you!