Final entry…

…. I had soaked enough of the house in and was ready to tackle the rest of my to-do list. She asked if she could pray for me. As always I said yes. I remember when we first began meeting, I would pray with her. Only to realize it was because that is what I did with the women I met with. As progress was made, I asked her if she could be the one to pray for me. All I uttered was, “Amen.” with my heart pleading the interpretation, “Let it be so.” She prayed each week that my soul would begin acting as though it was broken and needed to be fixed. Each week, my heart broke and softened little by little.

I shook myself out of my dream-like retreat with an ache so real that it replaced any notion that my desire for a retreat was imaginary. I breathed in and sighed that even though that place did not exist for me except in the stitches of my imagination; perhaps one day, I can make that dream real for others.

Even if you only joined me in the retreat for this blog series, I hope to make this real for all of you one day.

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