Easter Weekend

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days! My parents came to Charlottesville to hang out with Sam and me for a few days over Easter. It was nice to have everyone together but it was strange driving off with my parents and saying goodbye to Sam for 2 months! Blurg.

I’ve been holding it together pretty well if I don’t say so myself. It’s hard and I was Grouchy McGrouchy Pants today about it but I ate a Fruit Roll Up and a few Peeps and felt better. I’ve been trying to see as many friends as I can before I leave NEXT WEDNESDAY and trying to tackle my massive to-do list.

Easter was a sweet day as always as we celebrated the risen Lord. I’m eternally grateful for what He did and am really glad I get to celebrate His resurrection every day and not just on Easter. Sam and I spent some time praying together and walking outside with Roy, just soaking in everything we’ve been blessed with.

And of course, when we got back to Winston-Salem, we did what every normal American family will do on Easter afternoon… Dad and I went turkey hunting. Now I will say that turkey hunting while 32 weeks pregnant is not as comfortable as one would think. We sadly didn’t have any luck but ate supper at the river house and watched the sunset on the back porch with my “uncle” Bert. Here are some pictures from the whole weekend. Hope yall had a great weekend as well!

The rents and me in front of Mitchie's Tavern


The hubbs and me at "the mall" where I had the BEST frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog... be still my heart.



Dad thinks my belly is hilarious and wanted to see if it stretched across the whole sidewalk... thanks Dad

I'm a walking Jeff Foxworthy joke

Dad & "Uncle" Bert



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  • I want to see that camo pic on Awkward family photos! 🙂 Love you.

  • Martha

    That’s immediately what I thought of when I took it! Now I just need Sam holding a shotgun and me in a wedding dress 🙂