So, I have a new obsession… getting pregnant. Just kidding. My new obsession is this amazing site called Pinterest. OH.MY.GOSH. It’s amazing, have I mentioned that?

Since I’m newly retired (I eat the Denny’s buffet at 4:30), I have been thinking of all of the projects that I want to do. With Pinterest, I can rip off other people’s great ideas and “pin it” to my board. That way instead of bookmarking all of the ideas I see on blogs, I can just pin it to my Pinterest board! WHOMP THERE IT IS!

Seriously, go request a invitation and in a few days, you’ll get one in your email box! It was like Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Columbus Day all wrapped up into one.



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  • oh yes, I have been “pin” obsessed for quite some time. It is too addictive… 😉 glad to know you too have been lured in 🙂

  • THIS IS AWESOME. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!