30 Weeks and Maternity Pictures!

I skipped 29 weeks…oops! I had my maternity pictures taken at 30 weeks so I have been dying to see them and Kristin Boone, the photographer did an amazing job! We went out to my parents’ river house and took a bunch of pictures. Since Sam couldn’t be there, I tried to incorporate some things in the pictures that reminded me of him. I included the guitar in the pictures since Sam loves to sit and play guitar to his new little family. The baby pillow in the picture is Sam’s baby pillow that his mom passed down to us! It is so sweet and has Sam’s birthday on it, so special.

It was fun being outside and Kristin made me feel so comfortable. The dress is from Francescas… PLEASE don’t even get me started on how many precious things you can wear from that store that still work as maternity! Also, if you are in the Triad area, use Kristin Boone for your engagement, maternity, wedding, senior, gold fish portrait pictures! She’s amazing.

I’ve included the link to my maternity pictures and you’ll get plenty of 30 week belly pictures there.

Maternity Photo Shoot


Cravings: Salt and Vinegar chips cravings are back in full force, fruit- pineapple in particular, and lemonade. But this past weekend I literally could not get full! I think I ate ALL day on Saturday and Sunday… it was wonderful.

Aversions: still can’t stand fish or heavy meats

Movement: I love it, he’s a wild man. Sam got to see “alien belly” this past weekend as my entire belly was moving because he was flailing his limbs everywhere. He clearly is an active babes!

Nickname Update: I’m pulling for Daughtry now (the middle name) but I haven’t fully gotten Sam on board yet… my womanly wiles are not exactly on par with a giant belly. Feel free to send him pressured emails that it could be hazardous to his health to disagree with a hormonal pregnant lady.

Weight Gain: 13 pounds

Did I mention that I get to spend all this week in Virginia with Sam!!!! So I’m clearly a happy lady! Happy Monday friends.

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  • LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley

    HOT MAMA!!!! you look amazing! i can’t believe how much Daughtry (i’m totally on board and only referring to him by this from now on. no matter what you end up callin him) is growing.

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