Dear Emotional Version of Martha 2.0

Dear Emotional Version of Martha 2.0,

This whole new side of you that has all of sudden decided to show its face is a bit jarring to me. You see, the non-hormonal version of you would pride herself on not crying when she was hurt. In fact, you used to freak your brother out because when you’d get hurt, you’d start laughing. The only other times that you would see me cry were at a SPCA commercial, Free Willy (what!? his limp fin was heartbreaking!)  or when they didn’t have any sorbet flavors at the yogurt shop. But now sweet melodramatic-emotional-bundle of a hot mess, you cry a lot. Your Irish side  is coming out in true form. You’re cry when things end. You cry imagining your birth story unfolding. You cry thinking about the hubbs holding his son. You cry when you say goodbye to coworkers. Good Lord woman, this is new.


Your former self

Today was my last day at work. While most people would look forward to this, I was dreading it. I love my job. I love the people I work with. It’s been an amazing year working there. Saying goodbye to everyone was so much harder than I thought! It was hard because I am going to miss them like crazy but it was also hard because it made it seem very real that I’ll be moving soon. I’ve been in a bit of denial that it is happening so soon. This week my heart has been a bit heavy as I prepare to move and prepare my heart for some major changes. Of course, the good news is it is paired with the excitement about our adventure and sweet growing family. We have so much to look forward to and I just want to embrace it with a bursting heart.


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  • Transition is hard sometimes! I am so excited for you and happy that you have some awesome memories from your job!