I’d kiss you on the mouth…

Someone sent me this article which I read and immediately thought, “This is awesome and I’d kiss someone on the mouth if they did this.”

Now, being that we’ll be far away from family and friends… you can substitute that 15 minutes for 5 days please. Seriously, if you fly out there and then leave after 15 minutes… I’m going to throw dirty diapers at your car. But I thought this article was amazing and stuff I never thought about. I’m definitely going to keep these in mind the next I head over to a friend’s house to see their baby! And to my friends so far, I’m sorry I didn’t chorlox your house and I stayed too long.


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  • kate

    I appreciate her thoughts, but when people came and quickly left early on, I was always worried that I was ‘weird’ since I had a kid now. I kind of felt awkward those first few weeks and I know I was always glad for company who was comfortable and treated me normally! Kudos to the friends who watched the baby so I could take a shower!