Found Fruit!

One of the perks of having an old house is finding the different “crops” that have been planted before us. Last year as I was weeding underneath the porch, I found a pumpkin! A pumpkin Charlie Brown! And yesterday as my hubbs was mowing the lawn, he found a blackberry bush on the side of house! I obviously immediately ran out with a bowl to fill it with the goodness that awaited me. After a few shrieks from briars and ants, I filled my bowl with the fruit of someone else’s labor.

I started thinking about the person that planted the blackberry bush and wondered if they were able to enjoy the fruit. I also wondered how they’d feel if they were watching me shove the blackberries into my mouth by the handful without lifting a finger to work on the garden they built. I don’t know why but I feel like this person, I like to call her Miss Berrybottom, would rejoice that I was enjoying the fruit. Why work so hard on something if others can’t enjoy it? I need to work on that. I tend to hold my “projects” so tightly in my hand and when others do enjoy it, I might as well have hired a plane to fly over them with a banner shouting that yours truly had done the work.
What if we were silent servants? What if we labored without seeking recognition and the only reward we wanted was for others to experience joy? Life would be full of happy souls finding blackberry bushes.
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  • Susan

    OK, 2 thoughts & not as eloquent as those written on this blog (that I LOVE – i'm sure a secret admirer among many) ok- focus here – A good friend who's a farmer was complaining how her husband told her she was just too picky when she harvested her blueberries – "Just pick anything that's close to blue – it'll be good enough". But she has great discernment in the ways of the berry – and great lessons in God's timing. If we're willing to wait, His timing is perfect and the fruit is always unbelievably good not just "good enough". Hmmm…are we talking about more than berries? And thought #2 – more of a conviction than a thought – I'm becoming more of a whining, woe is me, "this is too hard" kind of servant…but they say, awareness is the first step to recovery – can we start an SSA (silent servants anonymous – or would that be a "double negative"?

  • Martha B. Metzler

    Thanks for the comment Susan, I think you said it very eloquently! I hope we remember we weren't designed to settle for "good enough". And SSA should be in full force… I'll bring the doughnuts!