Finn at One Month

2 week check-up stats: 8 lbs 12 oz, Head: 38.1cm

1 month stats: I’m sure you’re well over 9 pounds now, baby acne in full force, and you hate evening time. But all in all, you are such a sweet, laid-back baby. We all comment on how alert you are!

Your brothers ADORE you. You are the first thing they want to see in the morning and they love to snuggle you, kiss your head, and sing you songs. When you’re crying in the car, Bennett made up a song called “It’s ok Finny”. And Bud was helping me rock you last night to sleep and he whispered in your ear “Goodnight sweet Finny. I will love you always.”

So basically, your mother is in a constant puddle because of all the cuteness happening in this family.

You’re nursing like a champ (you were already above your birth weight at your 2 day check up!) and sleeping like a normal newborn. We are all smitten with you little Finn and have loved this first month with you in our family.


New phone, who dis?

¬† ¬†Clearly, you’ll never have a picture alone Finn, your brothers can’t stay away from you!

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