Remember the good ole times

I sat on the loveseat today staring at my handsome husband on the opposite couch. I just started thanking the Lord for specific things about our marriage. Sam loves me despite all of my quirks.
He loves that I never wear matching socks.
He loves that even when its 90 degrees outside, I wear my cowboy boots.
He loves that I hate to iron, so he wears Joseph Banks Travelers shirts.
He loves my cooking.
He knows that I love to snuggle… until we get too hot, and then we lay on opposite couches.
He secretly loves that I need candy. Yes I said need.
He loves that I’m a goofball and like dance parties when I think he won’t be home for awhile. He also loves catching me doing my best Running Man in the kitchen.
He loves that my soul has to be outside and he knows I love walking around the river house property with him and Roy the dog.
He loves that I wear weird hats.
He loves my different voices. And he never tells me when my impressions are bad.
He loves when I sing.
Even when things are hard in a relationship, I hope you take the time to remember what love feels like. Remember the things that are right and good with your love. Lets just be honest, I’m a lot happier when I remember the good things instead of when I made him mad by spilling something and pretending it didn’t happen… I mean, the dog usually gets it right?
Remember the things your spouse or significant other loves about you because you’ll want to make them fall in love with you all over again; fix their favorite meal, wear the outfit that he loves and you hate, and in the end… your cup will be overflowing with love for them.
Thanks for loving me Sammy.
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