A letter to my sons



My sons,

Hopefully you’ll be too young to remember this night, or perhaps it is important that I don’t let you forget this night. Honestly I’m not sure which one I want for you. I am writing you this letter in the early hours of the morning on November 9, 2016. Last night I was lying in bed thinking about what this election means when I heard the two of you both scream out. Neither one of you is prone to nightmares. But you both woke up yelling for me in the middle of the night, confused and scared. I’ve always thought that you had a keen sense of the world around you. You see little ones, what we believe to be the right thing, well, it didn’t happen tonight- not on a national level at least. You hear Mama and Daddy teach over and over in our house that love wins, that everyone is deserving of that love, and that goodness and kindness should be the only thing that comes from our lips. Let me tell you something, nothing changes that. Especially not today.

So what now? Now is our time. Now is our time to show love more than ever. Now is our time to love everyone that God created with enough force to outweigh the hate. Your daddy fought for this country because we believe in it. He didn’t stand by on the sidelines and gripe. He jumped in. He jumped in because he believed in the goodness of our country. We still do. It broke our hearts tonight. But we can’t give power to darkness. Ever. Your daddy always tells you to stand up for those that need you. Now is our time to do that sweet boys. Stand up for the good in this world. Please don’t be discouraged by the hate and bullying you see. I am beyond grateful that you will grow up in a household where your Daddy does not see or speak of women as something to be conquered but instead he sees women as human beings who he can conquer things WITH and ALONGSIDE of. I’m grateful you will hear him speak to women with respect and adoration, not intimidation or aggression. You will grow up with a woman who will never sell herself short. Your friends may not have this advantage. Please teach them. Continue to live out the values that we teach you. Love, Hope, and Equality. We will go to the grave showing you those values. Carry that on for us.

Love, Mama

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