Do not fear.
Of all the things in the world, why do we give so much power to fear? Take a minute to reflect on the opportunities that you’ve missed because you were scared. Imagine what your life would look like without fear. Imagine what it would feel like to truly live in God’s freedom and feel
I decided to make a personal attack on fear. I went bungee jumping with my dad and brother. I was scared. But, as a 17 year old hippie with bad hair counted to 3, I jumped over a massive river only to be caught by a pathetic excuse for a rubber-band. I screamed “SCREW YOU FEAR!” all the way down. It felt good.
What’s keeping you from jumping?

“I’m doing what now?! And please, wash your hair boy.”


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  • Buffy

    Ok I'll read your blog, but ONLY if it's haikus. Love you and can't wait!


  • Olga

    Martha Im sooo following your blog!

  • holly

    <3 you martha.