My first baby shower in Winston was given by the “Steel Magnolias” as I like to call them… aka, my mother’s best girlfriends. I posted the pictures a few weeks ago. It was so much fun and I felt so undeserving! One of my favorite parts was everyone went around and gave their best “mama” advice. Here is the advice I got that day:

1. If you’re a good mother 50% of the time, that’s enough.
2. Call your mother for advice (give you 2 guesses who gave me that one)!
3. Nap when the baby naps!
4. Swaddle the baby and sing “You are my sunshine”
5. Live, love, and laugh often with your children.
6. Don’t read too much, go by your instincts and after the baby goes down, have a glass of wine!
7. When changing the boy’s diaper, take cover!
8. Allow your child to run and play and get dirty!
9. When your 2 year old is throwing a tantrum in Target, don’t panic, the other people aren’t ┬áthinking you’re a bad mother, they’re just glad its not them.
10. Call your friends!
11. When the baby is crying, remember it won’t last too long.
12. Have Sam give a bottle each night so they can bond.
13. Have a date night and when the baby is old enough, a night away!
14. Don’t let your 2 year old think he has the authority.
15. Keep doing what I’m doing today, just laughing through it all. This was from my aunt Beth who reminded me that I survived a childhood with 6 boys all around me!
16. Don’t feel badly about calling the doctor, they get calls like yours all day!
17. Be grateful I’m having a boy first so he can keep his siblings straight down the road.
18. Lavish love on the baby but remember the love that Sam and I have. Babies are more secure when their parents are secure.
19. Get them outside every day.
20. Praise in public, criticize at home.
21. Don’t keep a ledger.

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  • Love it!!! All of it. I personally experienced #9 just yesterday. Also, I did keep a feeding log the first few weeks because I couldn’t keep anything straight! I do recommend that but only to help, not to keep you to a rigid right/wrong thing! SO excited for you!