JAG Dress Blues Reception

This weekend I traveled to Charlottesville to see the hubbs. It was a wonderful weekend filled with new friends, sweet time with hubby, beautiful Army traditions, and hilarious twists and turns that we just had to laugh at.

I decided to drive up after work on Wednesday and surprise the hubby. It was so nice to see him and actually sleep in the same bed. Although, I didn’t necessarily love the 4am alarm going off for Sam’s PT but I DID love it when he came back around 7 for breakfast. We got to eat breakfast and lunch together each day which is something I’ll never take that for granted again. Thursday I worked from the hotel room while Sam was in class but was experiencing a lot of cramps throughout the day. I tried taking a bath and laying in different positions but they just wouldn’t go away. So when Sam came home from class, we just decided to go on and call my OB. ¬†They of course said the magic words that I’ve been longing to hear (sarcasm) “That could be pre-term labor, you should go to the hospital.” So, we got in the car and drove to the UVA ER.


Of course I was bugging out a little and knowing in my head it was probably ok, I just needed to hear the docs say that. But Sam was so calm, prayed with me, kept telling me all was going to be ok, and rubbing my back while we were waiting. I mean, I could tear up just thinking about great he was. Luckily, everything checked out after an extremely uncomfortable pelvic exam that apparently I made hilarious faces during while Sam was trying not crack up at as the doctor was elbow up in my lady garden. Turns out I just have extreme round ligament pain, I can deal with that! But Sam kept making me laugh while we were in the TRIPLE OCCUPANCY room listening to 2 other women laboring (not quietly) and it was so great having a partner who knew exactly what I needed… to laugh and be comforted. I am so blessed to have that man.

So we laid low Thursday night and I missed a manicure date with my ladies but I got to spend time with them on Friday. We had a lecture Friday morning with Mrs. Petraeus as the speaker. She was so great! She was so personable and full of wisdom. After the lecture, we had a spouse’s luncheon with Mrs. Petraeus which she gave plenty of great advice about being an Army wife… the woman definitely had experience of 36 years! Here’s a picture of some of the fellow spouses who I just love!

After the luncheon we had a seminar which was thorough. It was full of information but it felt like I was drinking from a fire hydrant! After the seminar we rushed back to the hotel to change for the dress blues reception. I had found a regular empire waist dress (thanks Kristin for the advice!)

The reception was tons of fun. We went through the receiving line and got to talk to the 3 star general over the JAG Corp… in Sam’s words he is The JAG. He was so nice and really outgoing. Then we just got to eat a little and hang out with everyone. It was a great night but when we were headed back to the hotel, we decided it was time for pizza, pajamas, and puppies! That’s right, several of us took over our room and ordered pizza in our PJs, watched basketball, and our friends the Tramazzos had just gotten a puppy so of course he was included! Here is a picture from the blues reception. Sam and I got a professional picture taken so I’ll post that when it comes in!

It was a great weekend with a flat tire thrown in and having to come back a day earlier because they got snow… what?!?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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