Confession and Weird Dreams Part II

I’m still having ridiculous dreams at night so I will just start sharing them with you because they are just hilarious.

1. This first one I must confess something before I tell you my dream. This isn’t something I’m proud of but I need to get it off my chest. 
                                               I watch Army Wives.

There I said it. I don’t feel any better. Is it unrealistic? Yes. Is it stereotypical of me, a new Army wife, to be watching this show? Yes. But do I run to the TV on Sunday nights in my yoga pants holding a glass of chocolate milk and watch this show? Yes.

So, now that I’ve lost your friendships, let me tell you my dream. I got in a big fight with the producers of the show last night. You see, most of the soldiers are deployed right now in the show and one of them dies *cue the scary black Suburban driving down the driveway to ultimately give the bad news*. Well, I’m pretty sure it’s this one dude Chase. Chase is the only good looking male on the show. So, in my dream, I apparently was very upset about this. So I was having coffee with the producers of the show, (totally normal so far), and I started yelling about how they can’t kill off the only attractive male on the show because they’d lose their viewers. Apparently, I was a consultant for the show…. again, totally normal so far. Then it cuts to me trying to steal the script and rewrite everything and Chase’s TV wife Pamela was helping me.

There’s my weird dream #1. Maybe I should stop drinking chocolate milk before bed.

2. I realize that these 2 dreams are about TV shows…. get over it. Well last night I also dreamt that I was a writer/camera woman for Gilmore Girls. Except, my episode wouldn’t have gotten aired. Lets just say it involved the characters making and wearing giant hats made out of pineapples, bananas, and coconuts. I’m not talking cute little tropical island hats. I’m talking, 3 feet high hats…. that I would get furious with them when they tried to take them off.

I’m sorry Rory and Lorelei for making you wear 3 feet tall fruit berets.

Maybe my dreams are trying to tell me something like…. stop being a fruitcake and caring so much about Army Wives.

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  • i feel ya on the dreams… o man o man! i linked to your blog today… hope thats ok!

  • Brittney

    Its ok I’m totally a closet army wifes fan though there must be somethin funny in your chocolate milk!

  • Hey Martha! I’m Jessi and I used to go to high school with Sam. I somehow stumbled across your blog…I think through the McDaniel Blog and I was so excited to see that I knew you (kind of, please don’t think I’m a total stalker)! So I read many of your posts because you are blunt and hilarious. Then I HAD to comment on this because I TOO was so pissed at the Army Wives ending last week (and I also have crazy weird dreams). I yelled at the TV and my husband tried to figure out which soldier died through process of elimination (judging by the ranks of the officers who delivered the news). Needless to say I’m still mad at the series. Army Wives is awesome but totally a guilty pleasure. OK, now that I’ve written a paragraph, hope it’s ok that I’m stalking you 🙂