I’m baaaack!!!

Hello folks! I have officially made it back on the east cost. I will say that I.am.EXHAUSTED! We didn’t get back until after 11 last night and my alarm went off at 6am this morning for work. Ouch.

All in all it was an amazing and productive trip. We think we may have found our house! The application is getting processed so we’ll just hope everything turns out. It was in our housing allowance, a nice yard for Roy, a beautiful neighborhood, and clean. It’s a bit smaller in the inside than our last house but I think this will actually force me to get rid of any hand-me-down furniture that I’ve been keeping around. Simplicity at its best!

I also LOVED the doula I met, so I’ll be trying to make my decision on that this week. She was very kind, knowledgeable, and seemed to be in agreement with my birth plan and my philosophy. I also think she’ll really give Sam the space he needs to be my birth partner which is definitely what I want!

And best news ever…. the hospital has midwives! HOLLERRRR!!! When I went to visit the Army hospital, I made the mistake of stereotyping Army hospitals. I was totally mistaken. This one is AMAZING. It was so clean, the nursing staff was so nice, and they gave me a tour! They have great birthing suites and… A TUB ROOM. It looks like a giant tub in a private room and they said they were equipped to do water births if that’s what I chose. I talked to them about the midwife program and they said the midwives are amazing and work really well with the doctors if an emergency happens but other than emergencies, I can just have my doula and midwife during labor and delivery. The insurance covers it all since it’s at the hospital so SUCH a blessing!

We got to drive through the base and see where I’d be doing my grocery shopping. The neighborhood/town that we’ll be living in is 1 exit up from post and it seriously is like Pleasantville! It’s so nice and tons of people just out walking and playing in the parks. There are trails throughout the whole neighborhood that go through the woods and down to the sound. There is a “city center” which is a cozy little shopping center with a couple restaurants, Starbucks, and Dry Cleaners.

 It overlooks the sound and is really close to the golf course which of course Sam was very excited about when he “Google Mapped” it. As I was going on and on about the yard and landscaping and pretty architecture, this is what was happening with my husband:

Sam: “What’s the address, I want to google map it.”
Me: “Insert Address here. Isn’t it so pretty? What do you think of the house??”
Sam: “OH MY GOSH! Do you see how close the golf course is?!”

I’m so glad my mom was there with me and we had a great time exploring. Now I just can’t wait for Sam to see everything! It was strange being out there and making these decisions knowing that he wasn’t with me and I’ll be out there for 6-7 weeks before he even arrives.

Thanks for your thoughts while I was gone, I loved getting texts knowing I was being covered in prayers! God is good and I am so grateful everything worked out!

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  • kate

    Hey lady, call me! I want to hear more, lets do lunch this week!!

  • Anjonette

    Hello Jellybean! I love this picture (I want to move THERE)! Look at the mountain in the background! I LOVE IT!