26 Week Update

Mom and I are back to the hotel room after a LONG day of looking at houses near Fort Lewis. She has been AWESOME. It was a bit discouraging at first because all of the houses were a bit out of price range and such SMALL yards. But she was so positive the whole time and kept saying in her Donna Reed voice, “I’m not worried. It’s not over. We’ll find something.” So… we may have found our house. I don’t want to jinx it but hopefully it’ll work out!

We just got back from the fitness room at the hotel and I thought it’d be funny to take some ridiculous bump pictures.


Weight: 8 pounds! I think I’m on a smooth sailing journey to gaining a pound a week!

Fun things: He is moving around like crazy! He just punches and punches. I’m starving allllll the time, so I get to look pretty cool carrying around my lunchbox of snacks. I’m thinking of investing in a fanny pack.

Little surprises to adjust to: Yesterday on our flight, my feet got so swollen! It was pretty painful walking after we got off of the plane but I know it could be worse! I have perfected my sleep positions and pillow arrangement so I can get pretty comfortable. But it’s a strange blessing that Sam doesn’t have to share a bed with me because I take up the whole thing! (Get ready to laugh when I visit next weekend Sweetie!) Oh and, my belly button is officially disappearing and the belly is huge! (Well, I feel it’s huge)

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