I’ve been getting emotional this week because Sam has finished law school and I will be done with grad school next week! I’m not emotional because it’s over, because sweet Lord I’ve been waiting for this since the 2nd week we started this whole 3 year grad school journey. I think I’m emotional because I realize we’ll be starting the lives that we have been talking about for these three years. Lives that revolve around our dreams that we’ve worked for, seeing each other more consistently, and treasuring time that we have before Sam leaves. I’ve also been marveling at my husband’s call to our country. He could have immediately started applying to law firms or the DA’s office but instead, he wanted to serve. I’m completely and fearfully in love with that.

I’ve been so clueless to this process of joining the Army but I’ve been so blessed recently to have new friends in my life to guide me through it. We’ve met these amazing new friends, Kate and Kevin who live down the road. Kevin is in the Army and stationed at Wake teaching ROTC. Kate is this graceful and hilarious wife and mother who has become my butcher shop guru, wine partner, interior decorator, and an instant girlfriend who I could talk to forever.

My friends Tyler and Ginna are stationed in Alaska. Ginna has been so patient with me and even video chats with me when I’m having question overload. She is so encouraging and I’ve attached her recent post about Tyler’s job. It brought tears to my eyes because I can’t wait to hear Sam love his job like that. And I can’t wait to strive to be the wife that Ginna is.


Ok enough with the gushy stuff, here is my point. God’s will never takes you where His grace doesn’t cover you. When Sam started the application process and then accepted his position with the Army, I felt very alone and helpless. I knew nothing about this life and let fear take over. God intervened by placing a community around me before it even started!! Most people talk about the community you have on post, but I’ve been able to experience it right now. God knew that I needed that and His grace covered me. Lets all trust that where God’s will takes us, no matter what crazy journey that may be, we can rejoice that Grace protects us and comforts us.

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  • Andrea

    What an awesome community you already have! I am thankful for that too 🙂

  • KL

    Thanks for the shout out! We have enjoyed so much getting to know yall too and feel so blessed that you and I ended up sorting through people's crappy clothes together..life is funny like that. Thanks for being such an amazing friend- you guys are awesome!

  • The Van Zandts

    I have cold chills. YAY for new, super fun friends, and God's grace. He will continue to bless and keep you both close! xoxo