Making Playtime Count

Have yall heard of the website, “Making Playtime Count”? Well, it’s AMAZING. Around the same time that I was hitting the summertime rut of What am I going to do with these children and why are they still staring at me asking when we are going to play with waterguns? I get a wonderful package in the mail from Making Playtime Count. In it were 3 books and an adorable board game.
So real talk- we’ve been trying to focus on some serious character development with our boys and this package couldn’t have come at a better time. If you have a chance, check out their resources and their blog, some good stuff there.

We got “I just don’t like the Sound of No!”, “Try and Stick with it”, and “Not fair, Won’t Share”. All of them are worthwhile and my kids paid attention while I read them…. MIRACLE. There are some incredible ones on bullying that I plan on ordering for our lower school guidance counselor at school. If you have an issue with your kids, social or otherwise, honestly, these books help the kids process those emotions in a healthy way and give them examples on how to handle the situations in a productive way.
We also received the board game, The Angry Monster Machine. At first I was a little freaked out by the crazy looking dude on the cover, but the game turned out to be great! They loved making their little monsters out of play-doh and we had some great conversations about each “card” or situation they would draw.

For us, it really helps to have something tangible to show the kids when dealing with their emotions or their character development. These books and this game were the perfect example.

And truly, if you have time to look through their “Character Counts” blog, do it. You’ll get a description of their products and how they can help with your kiddos. Thanks MPTC for sending these resources, our family is enjoying them and will continue to do so for a long time!

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