What I’ve been learning…

I have a heart of a fighter. I want to fight for you.

I want to fight for your mental health, your spiritual health, your emotional health and shoot, even your physical health. Now, I’m not saying I care about what J.Crew cardigan you are picking out or what inappropriately named NARS blush you got. But I am saying that it might not be a terrible idea to start posting the messages that I have for women. I want this to be encouraging and empowering.
I realize that half of my heart is resisting this blog and whispering “Your words don’t matter!” But, I like arguing with myself, like when I convince myself that eating ice cream is good for my calcium intake or that my jeans are only tight because they went into the dryer…. 2 weeks ago. So, for those that care, I’ll be praying for yall and will post whatever God brings me to tell you that day. I’m not promising wisdom, humor, or insight but I’m promising that I’ll take time to listen and share what God lays on my heart to tell you. It may be through one liners or haikus but this is me, fighting for you.
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  • Paige

    Look who started a blog! 🙂 I will read you, Martha.

  • saint rooster

    i'm in.