LeapBand Giveaway!

YAY! The winner is Erin Littleton! Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered! 

YALL! Remember when I talked about how I was going to get to interview Mia Hamm about ways to keep active with kids? Well, I did.

I am SO embarrassed to show the video because

1. It was 5:45am and they called 20 minutes early and I had no idea Mia was going to be on the phone like IMMEDIATELY

2. I hadn’t had coffee yet.

3. I had my ‘mom voice’ on so that I didn’t wake up the kids and apparently my ‘mom voice’ sounds like one of those late-night hotlines that SNL would make fun of. Just to give you a good picture, think of a transvestite who has been sipping too many wine coolers and is trying to talk to Mia Hamm about running…. because that’s what I sounded like. Sam listened to it and said, “Who is that? That is 100% not you.”  I think I even said “imaginary high five” at one point soooo there’s that.

4. I hadn’t had coffee yet.

BUT the good thing to come out of my epic fail of an interview is that I get to giveaway a LeapFrog LeapBand! These things are pretty much the mammerjammer and I’m in love. It is an activity tracker for kids that they can wear throughout the day. It gives them all kinds of different challenges and fun things to do to burn energy and reminds them that fitness is super cool. And lets be real, the kiddos look pretty legit with the watch on.


I’ll be running the giveaway until October 6 and I will pick a lucky winner to receive a FREE LEAPBAND! Enter below, you are eligible for multiple entries! IMAGINARY HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Leapfrog provided me with a LeapBand to review but all opinions are mine… which is that this LeapBand is awesome. 

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