Bennett Rippy 11 Months

BR 11 Months

Honestly my boy, there isn’t much to report that is different from 10 months. You are still crawling everywhere, cruising everywhere, but recently you have decided that you can climb ONTO things which tend to be higher than Mama would like. For instance, your brother loves to jump on the couch and you think it’s HILARIOUS to jump on there with him but then slowly make your way over to the end tables and stand there looking at  me proudly like you’ve climbed Everest. Well, you haven’t my son. You’ve just climbed an end table and it’s still not ok.


You are an excellent eater and no lie- you eat more than Bud. Albeit, Bud eats less than Kate Moss during Fashion Week but still, your appetite is impressive.

You still have 8 teeth and give the best toothy grins. The biggest news for this month is that you have decided that you no longer wish to receive your bottles. You placed a strict order that you want whole milk in your sippy cup throughout the day. I wasn’t quite prepared for this! I had switched you to sippy cups during the day feedings but was still giving you a bottle in the morning and night. But with the subtlety of a rhino, you batted away the bottles and reached for the sippy. So just like with Bud, I took your lead on when you wanted to wean and that time has arrived! You seem like such a big boy drinking out of your cup.


Since you didn’t want your bottle at night, I tried to do a sweet nighttime routine to make up for our snuggle time in the rocking chair. I sang our song, tried to read you a book and do you know what you did? You batted the book to the ground, pushed my face away and reached for the crib. Um ok? So you are apparently too cool for this nighttime routine nonsense and just want to lay down with your Taggie blanket and be done with me. Sooooo opposite of your brother who draws out bedtime like it is his job.

You are going to be 1 in 10 days which is so fun and I can’t wait to celebrate surviving living a year with you on this planet!

Love you little dude,


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