LeapFrog Review: Get Ready for Kindergarten!

It is no secret how much I love my sponsors over at LeapFrog. You can see my reviews about their products over here, here, here, and here. They recently sent me a new packet and series called, Are You Ready for Kindergarten?”

You can use this series with your LeapPad or LeapReader. It is chocked full of games, writing activities, reading activities, and it even helps you walk through some of the emotional issues that may arise in Kindergarten.

We’ve been working really hard with Bud this summer on his numbers and letters. He could recite the alphabet but hasn’t been able to recognize the letters visually. So I’ve been searching for activities that keep his attention to really allow the letters and numbers to become tangible to him and show him the context of each letter and number outside of just reciting them! This series has been awesome for that. He loves tracing the letters and numbers with his LeapReader and Mr. Pencil was already one of his favorite games so he is loving some of the other games in the series that make learning his letters and numbers WAY more fun than Mama making him go through flashcards.

He’s been on a dragon kick lately so he’s loving the Dragon Cafe game the most. It’s been improving his number recognition and so it’s a winner for Mama too. It helps by encouraging number and shape tracing so it’s a really helpful, slow progression for Bud.

LeapFrog has made it really made it easy for Kindergarten prep and have TONS of resources for parents at a site, “Get School Ready” –  here.

I honestly can’t recommend LeapFrog products enough. They’ve been so helpful for me in teaching Bud skills at home. I’m not a professional teacher by any means so I need as much guidance as possible and the resources I’ve found at LeapFrog have been amazing.

If you have a preschooler or kiddo about to head into Kindergarten, check out this new series. I think you’ll love it.

*LeapFrog provided the product but all opinions are my own. 

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