Bennett Rippy 10 Months

BR 10 Months

Oh my guy,

You are crawling all over the place. You pull up on EVERYTHING and have even balanced a few times on your own with this look on your face like, “WHATTHECRAPIS HAPPENINGAREYOUSEEINGTHIS?!?!” It’s hilarious. I have no idea if you will walk soon or if you’ll take your sweet time like your brother but for now you love cruising on everything and pushing your walker like an old man.

You have caught some sort of virus which has been making you super feverish and waking up at night, soooo that’s fun. I’m hoping it’ll pass soon because it’s just pitiful seeing you sick again. You have spent about 2 weeks out of month 10 with some sort of sickness. Prayers for health on ya my boy!

IMG_7499 IMG_7508 IMG_7510
You have 8 teeth now and I’m waiting to see molars any day now.

You all of a sudden have started trying to repeat words we say. When we say “Good Job!” You say with the same inflection, “DooDawwwb“. You point at Roy and say , “Dah“. When you see Daddy come in you say, “Sam Metzler How are ya?!” just kidding, “Dada” is your fav word for him. And we play this game where we hand you different toys and we say “Thank you!” and you say “Dank dooo”. I fully realize that I am probably the only one who understands you and am half making it up that you are actually saying these words, but I swear, you’re a genius. I tried to capture it on video, you said “good job” at the beginning but then decided you weren’t a performing monkey anymore. Great.

You love to point at everything, still laugh at most of what big brother Bud does, LOVE your daddy, and do this amazing thing when we smile at you, you shrug your shoulders up and tilt your head and smile and it is all I can do not to fall out on the floor right there. Whenever Bud and I are being silly, you look at us with these wide eyes and close lipped smile across your face like you’re recording us for blackmail. Your Pops always says, “Bennett just has this look about him, it’s made of gold.” And it’s true, you’re made of gold little one.


You love to dance, if there’s music on, you’re bopping right along. You and your brother both love to boogie. I finally have company for my dance parties since your daddy just looks at me like he’s going to institutionalize me. Make sure he picks out a nice place will ya?

I’m glad you’ve been in my life for almost a year little man! Time flies! (Except it doesn’t, I just feel like I’m supposed to say that. In reality, this has been a long year.)

Love, Mama



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