Bud is Three!

Oh man, my Bud is 3.  Three. Three. I still can’t believe it. We had a pirate themed party this year and it was so much fun. Our little dude was celebrated so well by his friends.

His check up went GREAT and we are beyond grateful he’s healthy.


Weight: 30.5 lbs

Height: 38 inches

You are still our skinny guy who likes to eat the bare minimum, you run and scream all day and I swear I can actually see rockets of happiness shooting out of you, you love your baby brother, you still flap your arms when you get excited, you have a habit of holding food in the side of your mouth when you don’t want to eat anymore and it turns into a stand-off until you finally spit it out, you are learning how to really work us over and negotiate “treeeee more minutes mama”, you put your head under water for the first time in the pool in NC, you love your grandparents something fierce, you have wonderful manners, you are so joyful and have the greatest laugh, you love love love your daddy and as soon as his truck pulls in you dance and run to him yelling “DADDY HOME! DADDYS HOME!!!!!!”, you still ride Lightening McQueen every day, you count like a champ and we are slowly but surely learning your letters and numbers by sight. You can throw and kick like a boss, love to catch, and you are your daddy’s pride and joy when you successfully hit a golf ball of the tee.  All in all, we think you are kind of amazing Budman.

Such a blast of joy


I’m not sure what I’m doing with my body in this picture….

IMG_7478 IMG_7477 IMG_7472



Close enough.




My sweet friend Audrey made this shirt for Bud, so thoughtful! We would ask him how old he was turning and he’d concentrate SO hard on getting three fingers up and yell, “TREEEE!”

IMG_7453 IMG_7451 IMG_7450

Found these awesome burlap little baggies online and filled them with chocolate gold coins, Ring Pops, and pirate crayons.


And then this happened. Y’all- Sam made this and then I married him all over again.



Happy 3rd little man, love you to the moon.


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  • jude

    three?!?! that cannot be! happy birthday Bud!