Fourth of July

For the second year in a row, we had a 4th of July party with our friends. These two families are so important to us. We love each other’s kids like they are our own and it’s so special to me that they’ve been with us since the beginning of “kid-life.”┬áSo they essentially have witnessed the demise and destruction of my sanity and love me anyway.

We watched the parade and headed to the park where the town puts on a big to-do with a Bounce House (aka a Hepatitis House) and music. Then we head back and do our own party after naps. Bud actually got to stay awake this year for fireworks (10pm…. and no meltdowns. It was like a Christmas miracle) and he was in awe. He’s still talking about it.

Last year:


This year:



John and Sam are the pyros who get the fireworks going while we make sure the kids don’t blow their faces off and blare firework theme music. Our job as DJs is pretty crucial.
IMG_2836 IMG_2867 IMG_2869 IMG_2881

Bud is clearly unimpressed. But he loved getting to have his own sparkler this year. It’s ok, he only lit half of his hair on fire. I kid, I kid.

IMG_4382 IMG_4392 IMG_4390


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