Bennet Rippy 8 & 9 Months

BR 8 months BR 9 monthsBennett Rippy,

You are growing so fast and I’m moving so slowly that I’m having to combine your 8 and 9 month updates! And don’t worry, in case you need something to talk to your therapist about, you’ve already turned 10 months so I’m on top of things. But you should know that just because I’m a little slow on the uptake with your monthly updates, I am still relishing in all of your milestones and growth every day!

Here are your stats:

Weight: 20.5 pounds and in the 40%. Although I’m convinced you’re more. You’re such a fat, happy baby, I love it!

Height: 29.4 inches and in the 76%

You still have a huge dome piece, in the 96%! I apparently breed large headed children. I think it is because you and your brother have huge brains.

You now have 6 teeth with one on the top making its way down.


You CRAWLED! A few weeks ago you just up and started crawling! And now you’re unstoppable. You love sneaking into the laundry room and splashing in dog’s water bowl. You pull up to standing on about anything. And you’ve even taken a few steps with your push toy… who knows, you might walk before your brother did!


We had a big trip to NC to visit family and you did great. However, you have decided that somewhere in the 5:20-5:45 hour is your new wake up time. No son. Just no. But it’s been a month now and you’re still doing it. And honestly- what’s with the crappy naps huh?


You still smile at everything and everyone. You do this adorable coy little grin and nuzzle yourself into my neck when someone says hello or if you catch yourself in the mirror. And you’re starting blow kisses at mama, which pretty much makes me feel like I’m running through a field of unicorns and puppy kisses.


You flap your arms in delight just like your brother did/does. You chew on everything. You love the sound of your voice and just holler when you need us to pay a little more attention to you. I can’t get over how sweet you are and despite the early mornings and crappy naps, I breathe in every adorable ounce of you and can’t wait to see the little boy you become.

Mama loves you little man.

IMG_7411 IMG_7414


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