Happy Easter everyone, I hope you felt and experienced the freedom that the Resurrection brings you every day… not just on Easter.

Some of our closest friends, Ashleigh and Justin came to spend the weekend with us. We were walking through the woods and started discussing our need for simplicity.
When is the last time you sat in silence? The last time you went an entire day without the television on? Do you spend a lot of time browsing the Internet for hours at a time… with the TV on… while texting? Yeah, me too.
Perhaps our culture of efficiency and mass production has forced us out of truly experiencing moments and into multi-tasking our way into exhaustion. We spent the weekend walking through the woods, making music, discussing the world’s problems and how we can actually take part in making the world better, and playing hilarious outdoor games. Not once was the TV turned on or a computer picked up. It was refreshing and empowering. I hope you take time to pursue simplicity in your life. I know I will try and live in the reality that even if I am stripped of everything I own, I have everything I need to live a full and simple life.
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    i miss you.