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Happy Friday y’all! Now, I’ve been keeping a random list of “game changers” in my mind bank to share with y’all. And this isn’t to be confused with the Sarah Palin movie “Game Changer” that I watched one too many times because I thought I was cool and culturally educated…. then I realized that I get most of my news from Jon Stewart or people sharing articles on Facebook. So without further ado, here are 7 game changers that have made my life a bit easier:

1. Tall kitchen trash bags in the Diaper Genie. No longer do you have to spend oodles of money on the Diaper Genie refills. Just buy one and then use that container and thread tall kitchen trash bags through it! I think it’ll save you like $3000 a year…. or like $500 but still, that’s like $500 worth of Cadbury Eggs I could buy instead.

2. This little wake-up clock. Once we potty trained Bud, he became a bit more aware of his body so he would wake up at 0:Dark Thirty and be ready to go. So we bought this “Ok to Wake” clock and he actually stays in his room until he sees the green light! Every now and then we have to go in early to take him to potty but then he’ll lay back in his bed until he sees the light….aaaaaand I just realized how creepy that sounds. “Stay in your room little boy until you see the light.” Oh well, if creepy means I get to enjoy a few extra sips of coffee in peace, then creepy I’ll be.


3. Hulu Plus has yoga stations. That is all. Yoga during nap time and in the privacy of my own home instead of in a studio where people are forced to look at me in spandex? Yes please.

4. Learning Path LeapFrog App. We all know what a fan I am of LeapFrog. They have this awesome app that gives you day by day activities to do with your child and some cool facts to share with them. It lets you customize it to your kiddo so they suggest developmental appropriate activities and facts. Pretty cool.


5. Limeritas. Over ice. Trashy? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely.


6. The Nose Frida. Screw you nose bulb because the Nose Frida may be the grossest and least attractive thing but it works y’all. nose-frida-main-product

7. Have you looked at Weelicious yet? Bud is a crazy picky eater so I cook things for him from her website and can even do batch cooking. Between batch cooking for him and using the ice cube tray baby food method, my kitchen basically looks like a kid food version of Breaking Bad.
So there ya have it. Some of my game changers. What are some of yours?? Change my game!!!!

Have an awesome weekend y’all!

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  • Cambey

    Catching up on one of my favorite blogs EVER! These suggestions are great (and an OT dream)!!! Definitely sharing these with my clients!!! Thanks, Martha!!! you rock!