Bennett Rippy 7 month Recap

BR 7 Months

Congrats BR, you’ve survived and thrived through 7 months of life! (You turn 8 months tomorrow so I’m still on time) You have brought us so much joy this month. You still have the greatest joy-filled smile just beaming out of you and you woo everyone you meet. You smile at everyone from Mama to the Postmaster. I pray over you that you don’t let anyone steal your joy and that you’ll always be a light to others. You laugh at everything your brother does, except when he tries to headbutt you…. you don’t think that’s very entertaining.


You still take 4 bottles a day and are eating 3 little meals. I can’t quite get you to understand how to eat with your hands but you’ll get there. You’re loving the purees just like your brother did. You love sweet potatoes, carrots, yogurt, any kind of fruit, green beans but not peas, you’re totally over avocados, and you love it when I sneak you some bread onto your tray. You’re a carb lover like your mama.


You have been working on a few more teeth this month and though only a third bottom one has come through, I’m expecting to see the top ones any day now.

You want to crawl SO BADLY. You get so frustrated that your body won’t let you do what your mind wants it to. Your brother was a late mover too so I’m sure you’ll do it in your own time. Plus, just look at your Gruncle, Bennetts are slow movers.


You still love to be held but are getting less and less cuddly. You just want to move, move, move! You have to grab everything in reach to see what it’s all about. I hope you never lose that curiosity; except when it comes to what its in your diaper, you can stop trying to grab for that.


I think you’re close to 20 pounds now, sleeping 11ish hours a night, taking 2 naps like a boss. I never thought we’d get here pal, but man I’m glad we have.


Your daddy and I were just talking the other night about how worried I was the first 4 months because you never slept and you were so colicky. Now, you’re the happiest baby so anyone out there with a colicky baby, have hope because you too can have an adorable, chunky baby who smiles at you all day long.

We adore you Bennett Rippy. We are so blessed to call you our’s and I’m so grateful you carry the joy of the Lord in your heart.

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  • jude

    love these photos and all these fun 7 month old memories 🙂
    he is too too cute.

  • Sandy Kirby Russell

    He is a cutie patootie! Love your pictures!