Bennett Rippy 6 Months

BR 6 Months

6 Month Stats:

26.5 inches long, 83 percentile
17.9 pounds, 57 percentile
17.75 inches in head, 83 percentile

You are such a joy Bennett Rippy. You’re starting to get the hang of this whole living on Earth thing more and more. You’re sleeping better, you have TWO teeth, and you still smile constantly.

You are loving playing with your brother Bud and just grab his head while he tickles you. I pray y’all are always best friends.

You are making more and more noises and interacting with us. You love to laugh and you shake your head back and forth when you want Dada to make his funny face (where he shakes his head back and forth and makes his cheeks flap).

You are eating 3 little meals a day on top of your 4 bottles. You love food! You had a pretty gnarly cold and cough this month that lasted for a week and a half and  took away your appetite which almost killed me. It hurt my heart to see you so sick and not want to eat for that long! But luckily you are back up and running.

You started sitting up on your own this month too! Still not even close to crawling but I have to remember your brother didn’t crawl until he was 10.5 months! Lazybones Metzlers.

We love you little man and are so glad you are ours. I can’t believe its been half a year since you made your entrance into this world.

Love Love, Your Mama







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  • jude

    please tell BR that i want to borrow his onsie. i LOVE it 🙂