Frozen…. not the movie

We have an amazing 12 year old boy named Malcolm that lives on our street. Malcolm loves to skateboard. Bud could watch him for hours. One day I was outside without the children (I know, I’m just as shocked as you are) but I saw Malcolm and asked him out of the goodness of his heart  paid him $10 if he would teach Bud how to skateboard one afternoon. I told Bud about it and he literally talked about it every. single. day. for a week and kept asking when “Malcolm skatebo-ERD wit me?” Finally, the sun came out one afternoon and Malcolm knocked on our door for Bud to come out and play (yah I died of cute overload as well).

Here’s how it went down in my head: Bud runs out of the door, throws his Lightening McQueen helmet on and hops onto the board with complete joy and bad-assery.

Here’s how it went down in reality: Bud froze.

Like, f-r-o-z-e. Frozen. No movement. FUH-ROZE.

The kid had talked about it until I thought I was going to have to hire Tony Hawk to come give my son a ride on a skateboard just so I didn’t have to hear about skateboarding anymore….  or up my payment to $20 to Malcolm. I’m not sure which would have been harder. And he FROZE!

Yall- I’m not talking the cute, shy toddler who looks down at his feet and whispers, “no tanks”. That would have been adorable. But instead, Bud stiffened up like a board, went pale, and for the first time in his 2 and a half years went silent. Then he looked up at me with his jaw dropped and mouth breathed for the longest 3 minutes of my (and I’m sure a 10 bucks richer 12 year old’s) life. I looked at Malcolm and told him that we’d meet him outside in a minute or two when Bud pulled himself back together…. or at least stopped mouth breathing.

So we shut the door and I wanted to look at Bud and in a really sweet tone say, “DUDE! You’ve been talking about doing this for a week now and what’s wrong??? Why are you freezing up?? Why can’t you breathe through your nose?!” Then I remembered I gave up being a jerk for Lent (kidding). So instead, I knelt down and took his hands and asked what was going on.

He couldn’t believe it was happening. He had hoped for this for a week and it was finally happening and he just couldn’t wrap his head around it. He was having a hard time accepting the goodness.

Does that sound familiar? Because it hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized I’ve been frozen because I couldn’t believe the Goodness. I was having a hard time accepting it because I didn’t think I deserved it. But as sure as Malcolm was still waiting on our front porch to take my son skateboarding, blessings were still waiting for me in spite of the fact that I don’t deserve them. Grace. Just Grace. 

After a couple of minutes of talking through what a happy time this would be and how special Bud must be for Malcolm to want to take him skateboarding, Bud shoved a granola bar in his mouth (whole) and ran out of the door clothed in his Lightening McQueen helmet and bad-assery.

Bennett Rippy and I sat on a blanket watching and I couldn’t get the smile off of my face. How wonderful life is when we just open our eyes to that Goodness that God so richly wants to pour on us. Can you believe it? Can you accept the Goodness? 







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  • Sarah

    Just got caught up on your blog. So good, Martha!! I love this!

  • Jude

    SO true. We know we don’t deserve it, so we sometimes can’t accept it… hard.
    I love that photo, but how in the heck is Bud old enough to skateboard?!?!?!

  • Jennifer Dignazio

    This is seriously the cutest thing EVER.

  • ALI

    SO CUTE!!