Sleeping Package Winner!

Y’all are the best! Seriously I am loving all the advice and stories. I’ve been counting sheep and that alone has made me crack up so if nothing else, y’all have made me laugh instead of curse into my pillow at 4:30am.

The winner is Meredith! Yay Meredith! I’m going to email you and get your address and you have a ridiculous, full of random fun things in a care package heading your way!

Lets just say the last winner of my last care package got a package brought to you by the letter “C” full of chocolate, candy, condoms, and chew toys for her dog….. you’re welcome Leslie.

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  • Meredith

    Hoorraayyyy! You just made my day!

  • leslieruth

    Oh my gosh, opening a giant box of candy and condoms was the most hilarious thing that happened to me that month! So awesome. Classic Martha.