Hunker Down in the Storm

“This will fly by…”

“This will pass…”

“But it’s such a short season!”

Confession time, I’ve said all of those things to people before and I have heard them a million times over the last 6 months. They are wise words, no doubt and certainly have their place. But, sometimes, I don’t want to hear them. Sometimes we need our friends to look up at the stormy sky and yell, “OH CRAP YOU ARE RIGHT! THIS IS ONE ¬†HELL OF A STORM!” and sit right down in the storm shelter with us. Sometimes we need someone to grab their cans of pinto beans, radio, and bottled waters and realize this storm might take awhile to pass and there’s not much we can do to make it blow over quicker. We¬†need someone to hunker down in the storm with us.

Now hear me on this, there will be times when I will need someone to grab my hand and pull me out of the storm and point my eyes towards sunnier skies. But what I’ve come to know is this. You can learn a lot from the storms.

Character, humility, and unrelenting hope are all born in stormy weather.

We shouldn’t rush that. And, I firmly believe that God blessed us with community for a reason and sometimes we need to sit with each other in the storms instead of ignoring the weather reports.

Next time you are going through a hard time, I will try and read your heart. Do you need me to point you to the tiniest clearing in the sky or do you need me to hunker down, grab hold of something bolted to the ground, and pray with you?

I think we have to learn that its ok to have stormy weather every now and then. Here in the PNW, we love the summer so much because we are seeing the sun consistently for the first time in about 9 months. We appreciate the sun because we’ve seen rain for a very long time.

This season in my life has been hard. Not because I have it harder than others, believe me I know I have it pretty damn good. But I think it’s been hard because I’ve recognized that I’m in a storm. I’m not running around in a summer dress with flip flops in the middle of the winter. I’m bundled up and facing it head on. I don’t know if it will blow over quickly or if I will be riding it out in the shelter. But one thing is for sure, I have what I need to endure it.


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  • Lori


  • Jude

    so well said.
    love you.